to the dad…

to the dad who lives in a small town.  not part of a major city, but to him and his family, it is the center of the universe

to the dad who leaves early in the morning when its dark and comes home late at night when its seemingly still dark.  Only to give a kiss on a forehead, a tight tuck into bed, and a quiet whisper of,
                           good night.
to the dad who is tired of being portrayed as a bumbling fool
                                           to the dad who is a bumbling fool
to the dad who wants to be better than expected
to the dad who wants to spend more time with his family after his child is born
to the dad who doesn’t babysit
                                                                 LISTEN UP
there are people out there fighting for you!
there a products out there who believe in you!
                               The Modern Dad.                                        ——> (looks good, right?)
they want to portray you as strong, gentle, kind, thoughtful, and present
racer car drivers,
football players,
toothpaste people
soap sellers,
car makers,
toy builders,
health gurus,
tech stores,
denim dealers,
smart home systems,
domain destinations,
breakfast pioneers,
fire safety purveyors,
responsibility advocates,
mattress manufactures,
vitamin companies.
                                                   all believe in you,

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