Book Review: The Little Dragon

In her latest book, the #1 best-selling, award-winning Little Series of children’s picture books author Sheri Fink, tells us a heartwarming tale of her new character, the little dragon who is busy dealing with many complex emotions. He’s angry, scared, lonely, and embarrassed. Sounds like a normal day, especially in younger children, where emotions are hardly predictable! A book like this demonstrates how we all can feel overwhelmed with emotions and not really know how to handle them. The little dragon eventually learns how to be more compassionate and discovers that playing together is always more fun!

Both of my kids enjoyed the colorful pictures and the speed with which the story was told; the book was neither too long nor too short. This was our first time reading any of the Whimsical World’s “The Little Series”, and we are all looking forward to reading the other six books in the series. What I most enjoyed was that we had a great discussion afterwards where we all shared personal moments where we were angry or sad. It’s always great to read a book that can serve as a springboard to deeper conversations. Being able to talk about how we have felt during that particular time helps give us tools on how to handle those emotions and how to recognize those feelings when they eventually come back again. The Little Dragon does an excellent job sparking discussions- I highly recommend reading it to your little dragons!

About the Author

Sheri Fink and her husband, author Derek Taylor Kent, created the Whimsical World brand to inspire and delight kids of all ages while planting seeds of self- esteem and high achievement. Sheri and Derek live a whimsical life in Southern California with their dog, Zander. Discover more at

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